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I know that the gyms closing is literally the last thing any of us wanted! However just because the gyms have closed does not mean your fitness journey has to stop.

The reason most of us train is to help us lose weight, gain strength and to stay physically and mentally healthy. I know a lot of people struggled with this the last time we had a lock down, however that doesn't need to be the case again !

Below I have created 5 different training options to suit everyone's needs.


My client lost 21lbs in 6 weeks using

TRAIN AT HOME no equipment at home

- Train in the comfort of your own home

- Save money and time on travel

- No equipment required

- Full personal protective Equipment will be worn by myself and changed for each client

- Gain accountabillity: there will be no reason for you to fall off the wagon, with weekly weigh-ins and regular goal setting

- we can also look at training in the garden

- If you would prefer to get out the house, I will also be doing Pt sessions from my house which will be disinfected on a regular basis and I also have a large garden space if preferred.

(Goverment guidlines allows for someone to enter someone's house if it is work related as long as precautions are taking such as full PPE, as we are now going into tier 3 I will need to confirm that this is still the case)


-This will be available in the Woolton woods/Halewood park

- Great for your mental and physical wellbeing

- Safer as minimal risk of infection in the wide open space and with no equipment needed


- 100 % safe

- Cheaper as no transport required

- Keeps you motivated

- Keeps you accountable

- Support given throughout

- Full access to Louise Weir PT resources

Online group

- Offers a variety of classes from HIIT and kickfit to latin dance aerobics and clubba fit

- Be part of a community

- Proven success

- Good for the soul and increasing the release of endorphins in the body to make you feel happy and also i