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Meet Leanne

Leanne is a mum of a 2 year old and also has a full time job as a manager in Lloyd's bank.

After giving birth to her beautiful baby boy she took the role of mum however felt she lost her own identity through putting everyone else first.

She felt like she had lost a lot of her confidence about herself during this time period and put on weight. Leanne like so many of us, got swept up in a busy home and work life and left no time for herself.

Until one day she decided that she was not going to feel this way anymore. So she took action to make the change that she truly wanted.

Leanne Lost a massive 19 pounds in 2 months

I trained her twice a week and gave her nutritional guidance throughout and taught her techniques to stay active outside the gym.

Here is Leanne's review of my services ( can also be found on google with many more)

"Louise is an excellent teacher and trainer. She dedicates her time to your body goals and helps you work towards achieving these. She creates a comfortable and motivating environment that makes you feel confident and work to your full potential. Louise is super amazing and a great coach !!! Get involved if your looking for results 👌 that make the difference"

We did some work on strengthening Leanne's back for her overall posture as she slouched a lot at first .

We did a combination of weight training and cardio.

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