The 28 shred challenge is based on 5 key principles that you must follow 

>Get 70 thousand steps in a week 

>Train at least 3-4 x per week 

>Have at least 1 rest day 

>Follow either a calorie controlled Diet or stick to the Diet you are currently on 

>Do a minimum of 2 meditations a week 

The idea with the 28 Day challenge is that it is a flexible programme that will fit into  what ever sort of training you want to do.


I have a library of exercises weighted and body weighted Classes and programmes that you will be able to access but if you prefer to do your own thing weather that be running or maybe you prefer strength training that's absolutely fine. you do not have to do my workouts as long as you still adhere to the 5 main principles. 

You will receive daily emails with videos and blogs giving you guidance on things such as how to work out your calories and macronutrients and motivational tools such as goal setting exercises. You will also be part of the Facebook 28 days shred community which has a variety of fitness classes available. 

There are also prizes to be won:

£50 fitness goody bag 


£250 worth of personal training session ( in person or online ) 

I know we have all had a tough time which is why I have put this challenge together because I think we could all do with a little motivation.