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I will be creating a number of online classes that anyone can join in and follow. All classes will be equipment-free so all are welcome!

We have had a number of people joining in, including parents with their children!

Due to making zero income because of the Coronavirus I am asking for people to pay just £10 per month to join my private Online training group. 


I will still be offering some free classes as well so don't worry, and if you like you can try them as a sample!

Due to gyms closing, they have put your accounts on hold and you are not paying your memberships.

So for less than any gym membership fee you can join my private online training group!


By joining the private Facebook group you can gain full access to:

-all live classes

You will also gain access to:

- online workshops covering topics such as goal setting, taking care of you, and action plans.

-nutrition advice

-professional advice and guidance

- mental wellbeing practices

-regular coffee break meetups

Times and topics for the workshops can be discussed by members during the coffee online catch-ups.

If you are interested please contact me now:


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