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Scroll down to see just some of the results my clients have achieved.

For more results see blog posts on client results

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I started with a Pt due to a lack of motivation and understanding of exercises. I like that our sessions are tailored to my goals, Louise pushes me more than I would ever push myself.
I now enjoy the gym thanks to our sessions!!
Exercise no longer feels like a chore.
The moment I felt I had achieved something was getting into a bikini for the first time, feeling great about myself and having bags of confidence.
I prefer to have Pt sessions with the lovely Louise due to the privacy, having much better equipment and not being limited to what I can do due to lack of space.


Louise is the best PT around can't thank her enough for all her hard work on getting me beach ready for my hols! she is an absolute diamond. Friendly, reliable and all round lovely girl can not recommend her enough just wish I found her sooner as I absolutely love our gym sessions.



I have been training with Louise for just over a year now and she is absolutely amazing. I have lost about 3 stone in weight and have toned up my whole body. She also trained me to do a chin up! She knows exactly what to do to get you the results you want and will tailor a programme to suit your needs. We call her the sculptress as you can request which parts of your body you want to target and she will deliver a programme to suit! 10/10 fabulous trainer!


Louise is an excellent teacher and trainer. She dedicates her time to your body goals and helps you work towards achieving these. She creates a comfortable and motivating environment that makes you feel confident and work to your full potential. Louise is super amazing and a great coach !!! Get involved if your looking for results that make the difference


Katie has only been with me for 3 weeks so far and has been training twice a week with me on a 1-1 basis.

She had difficulty with using the correct technique on exercises, and by correcting this it has allowed her to really work the correct muscles properly and effectively.

She has already achieved amazing results.


My client has had a few problems with her neck and shoulder so we have adapted her exercise routine to accommodate this so she still gets maximum results without straining herself lifting heavy weights.

We also decided that intermittent fasting was the best approach for my client so she could still indulge in a couple of glasses of red wine 🍷and still lose weight 😁


Her biggest fear was having back cleavage and when she came to me her dress didnt fit her 👰 We worked hard to create the perfect figure making sure to create a perky round bum and a tiny waist as well as doing specific exercises to target the back to tighten everything up 😁

So proud of my client who looks like a

real-life princess!
Shes worked unbelievably hard!
Mission accomplished 👏


I genuinely feel the best I have ever felt. I feel so much more comfortable in my body, which for me is one of the most important parts of my wedding. I am so so grateful, thank you so much for everything.   

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