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Learning to take care of yourself ❤


Hello my Dear,

Being a Pt you meet a lot of different people, and one of the most common problems I see with my clients is that they are not taking care of themselves.

They are selflessly looking after everyone else but themselves. Their kids come first, their partner, their job, even the dog/cat. We have all been conditioned to be selfless by thinking of our self less. We are always so busy and on the go having no time for ourselves always juggling several balls Let me tell you guys, there are only so many you can juggle until you drop one. So what happens when the juggler aka you drops ? you guessed it all the balls drop so let me explain how this would look in the real world.

You take your kids to school and usually help them with their home work but today you completely forgot to do it with them. You rush them into school 5 mins late because you fell back asleep, after staying late at the office last night working on a big project.

You wizz about in your car picking up food shopping and making sure you get your Partners favourite meal and the kids pack-lunch supplies. You pay and get back in the car and suddenly realise you forgot to get your own bits and bobs. By the time you have done your errands gone to work and come back home Your partner is in a mood with you, as he wanted some alone time last night but you felt really unattractive as you never had time to wash your hair and you had been running around all day. Your Work place call you up and say you have not saved the power-point for the project and you have lost all the data you get fired

THE END (did you enjoy that story, I know I should write a book )

So there is an example of all the balls getting dropped at the same time.

My point is you have to make time for yourself If you do not take time to look after yourself everyone else will suffer, if you feel run down, tiered or unkempt it will inevitably affect all your relationships in some way. We miss out on moments we could have with our partners which keeps us connected or we miss out on quality time with our kids. Have you ever had a moment where you snap on your loved one and then feel awful afterwards, that is usually from being overwhelmed and having no time for you.

Not taking care of yourself ultimately comes down to a feeling of not being worthy

thinking you are less. You are literally putting yourself last as if your needs are not important.

Now I am not telling you to forget about all your responsibility's and go and live at a spa.

It is the small choices that send our subconscious subliminal messages and make a big impact on ours and others lives.

here is an example of a decision and the message you our receiving subconsciously

I am going to get up 15 minutes earlier before the kids so I can sit down and have a cup of tea and eat some nice tasty healthy nutritious breakfast - (message to self) I am worthy of having 15 minutes to myself to give my body the nutrients its needs to perform well throughout the day and to enjoy my breakfast in peace

that one small change would effect my self worth and my whole perception of that entire day.

Okay so lets reverse it and do a negative version, here is one I here often.

I have no time to go the gym. - (message to self) I choose not to find a way to create time to look after my physical and mental health because I choose to accept that my use of time is less valuable than what everyone else wishes me to do with my time for them.


I want you to notice decisions you are making.write them down as above and add the words - message to self and figure out if your message is for self or selfless

if you notice there are less than 5 self messages. you need to work on this.

Its not about being selfish its about learning to value yourself and knowing you are worthy of your own time.

wishing you lots of Love ❤

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