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Updated: Apr 21, 2021


I cannot tell you how excited I am to get you going!

Before we start I want to make sure you have got yourself in a good mindset.

This Programme is all about approaching Fitness and Nutrition with a positive outlook and acting from a place of self-care and never from a place of neglect or negativity.

Yes this programme is designed to get you results in 28 days.

However the real purpose of this programme is to kick start you into a healthy way of life, by educating you on how to create new habits that will have a long term affect on your physical and mental well being.


The 5 principles

Remember you must follow the 5 key principles which are:

  1. > Get 70 thousand steps in a week ( 10 thousand a day but you can split it how you like)

  2. > Train at least 3-4 x a week (if you have an existing workout programme you can still do this)

  3. > Have at least one rest day which means no weight training or HIIT workouts, walks are still fine

  4. > Follow a calorie controlled diet or stick to the diet you are currently on as long as the focus is good nutrition overall

  5. > Do 2 meditations a week ( guidance will be given on day 2 )


Remember to have a chance to win the 28 DAY SHRED CHALLENGE you must have:

Shared Tagged and Liked the Facebook advert / instagram to do so click here

+ Subscribed to the YouTube channel to do so click here

The winner of the 28 DAY CHALLENGE will be marked in these 5 catagories which gives EVERYONE a good chance of winning regardless of your weight, size and shape!

1 Overall weight change

fat loss, muscle gain.

can be measured in pounds, inches, body fat percentage, Photos

( This does not mean if you are petite you won't have a chance at winning as this will be taken into account also ) it also means anyone looking to put on muscle will still have a chance also.

2 Engagement throughout the challenge

This means regularly tagging me in pre or post workout pictures on Facebook and instagram it can be of your tv with the workout on or your mat or at the gym with some dumbells you can also do screen shots of the emails or the blog posts ect

3 Being a team player

contributing to the Facebook group adding recipes or liking other peoples posts

4 Being 90 percent consistent

with your workouts, nutrition and meditations.

The only way I will know this is if you are tagging me regularly in posts

5 Overall Transformation

A small post that explains your story or your journey over the past 28 days

including mental and physical wellbeing and your growth as a person with photos before and after.


Always remember to warmup

5 Minute Cardio Warm up

  • 30 second Jog on the spot / march

  • 30 second Butt Kicks

  • 30 second arm circles forward

  • 30 second arms circles back

  • 30 second leg swings left leg

  • 30 second leg swings right leg

  • 30 seconds squats

  • 30 second walk-outs or toe touches

  • 30 second squats

  • 30 walkouts

This warm up is quick simple and easy it should be done before any workout ( except for where a warm-up is included such as the Facebook classes) it will help prevent you getting injury by making sure the body is fully prepared so always take the time to do this before any session.


Available workouts for the day

Your daily workouts can be found in the workout Hub page, this page will be updated weekly adding more workouts for you.

Please note that as much as I have tried to make these workouts suitable for the majority. If you have any underlying healthy conditions or injuries you should speak to your doctor.


Lastly don't forget to stretch ! the benefits of stretching are endless so make sure you stretch after your workouts or in the evening before you got to bed. Here is a complimentary stretch routine just for you.

stretch routine
Download PDF • 478KB

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