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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Measuring progress is what gets you from one win to the next. Make sure you get this done in the first week today if possible. Get some photos take some measurements get on those scales try clothing on.

I know the idea of taking a picture can be terrifying but when you see the difference at the end it will be so rewarding. Just get them took hide them away if you need to for now or use them to motivate you to keep going.

Scales are useful overall for monitoring weight loss however they only show one part of the story, often overlooking things like muscle gain which may make you appear heavier as well as water retention and hormones which all affect the scales.

So although the scales have their place they should not be the sole way you measure your progress and can often demotivate you when you first start your fitness journey and I can not stress this enough!

so here are some ways to monitor your progress.


In this picture I was a pound heavier on the right-hand side but I looked and felt a lot leaner and I had actually put on 5lbs of muscle and lost 4% body fat which I know as I use Biometric scales that give you an in-depth break down of your:

• body fat

• water weight

• bone density

• muscle mass

• visceral body fat (harmful fat around internal organs)

• metabolic age


The scales are a great tool but are never 100 percent accurate but give you a rough idea and are great when combined with pictures and measurements.


These are another great way to track your progress so often you notice you will lose inches before you actually notice the difference in yourself which is always good reinforcement and that's what we are most interested in after all.

Trying on clothes

there is nothing more satisfying than trying on a pair of jeans that you used to have to heave yourself into suddenly gliding on and fitting like a glove. trying on tight tops or even bikinis before your holiday and again you can take pictures.

keep a workout book

A workout book is an amazing way to monitor your progress but also a great way to motivate yourself when you are training because who doesn't want a new personal best on deadlifts or to get their first body weighted chin-ups or beat

your own time on your jog.

Those little wins are going to be what keeps you going in between your weight loss results.

keep an accomplishment book or make noise when you achieve goals.

It is important to celebrate the little victories along the way.

we are all so modest but there is nothing wrong with giving yourself acknowledgment for doing something special and achieving great things that you did not think possible its actually really good for your self-esteem and confidence and is likely to encourage you to take other challenges along the way and will likely overflow into other areas of your life and also improve them.

If you are ever having a bad day where you feel stuck or demotivated or are lacking confidence this is a great book to refer back to.

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