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Meet Sabrina


Sabrina is a full time Mental health nurse who works very long hours. This made it difficult for her to make the gym a part of her daily routine. She would often try to just squeeze in fitness classes where she could without really knowing if they where working towards getting her the body shape that she desired.

We had six weeks to get Sabrina in the best shape of her life.

We wanted to get her super lean whilst still keeping to the natural blue print of her body, by making sure to keep her curves and perky booty and just enhancing them further.

Knowing that Sabrina was short on time with a demanding job, I created a programme where she would train once a week with me in the gym, doing an intense combination of weight training and cardio, as well as having a tailored weight training and body weighted programme that she she would go away and do 2-3 times per week. We also created a nutrition plan that focused on flexible dieting and protein intake.


"Louise is an amazing PT. She made me feel so comfortable and I really enjoyed the programme she tailored for me. She is such a positive person and she extremely supportive. I would highly recommend training with Louise - you won’t regret it. Thank you so much Louise".

To top it all off this happened

Congratulations to you both lots of love

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