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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Mental wellbeing is the foundation of everything click here for mental health guide

Taking time to meditate can completely change your life. Now I understand for some people they may feel their mind is too busy, however nobody expects you to sit there and think of nothing. You just allow your brain time to quieten down in its own time, I have listed to lots of different meditations over the years and here are some meditations/hypnosis vid that I myself use and have also recommended to clients because I know what a massive difference it makes to me. Feel free to venture off and try others that aren't listed. I just find this one really works for me but everyone has a style that works best for them so experiment and enjoy, let me know what you think.

Relax your mind

Méditation / hypnosis

centred happiness 27 mins long click here

Stop procrastinating 24 mins long click here

Confidence & motivation 39 mins long click here

morning meditaition 15 mins long click here


Expand your mind

Ted Talks

The secret of becoming mentally strong TED TALK 15mins click here

The skill of self confidence TED TALK 13mins click here

The invisible force of self image TED TALK 16 mins click here


Re-train your mind

Gratitude is the fastest way to change your perception on your life. try this with a morning coffee looking out at your garden before you look at your social media or while you are getting ready in the morning. When you are in a place of gratitude you can not be in a state of suffering.

Gratitude Affirmations

I am positive affirmations of gratitude 11mins click here

10 most powerful affirmations of all time 11mins click here

morning affirmations 5 mins click here

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