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8 Reasons Why Reformer Pilates Could Be Your Game Changer

Article Written By Louise Weir


Reformer Pilates is such a unique style of training and as a Reformer instructor I feel it's so important to get the message out that reformer can do absolute wonders for the majority of people including a high percentage of people with injuries and lack of mobility.

I believe in inclusivity and feel that there are still soo many people who would massively benefit from this particular style of training, but they lack the confidence and also the awareness of what can be achieved with reformer.

So I am going to give you

8 reasons why reformer could be your game changer.

1. Increased muscular endurance and core strength

The increased resistance of the Pilates reformer builds your muscular strength and

endurance. and conditions the core muscles, which stabilizes and correctly aligns your spine.


2. Improves balance and stabillity within the body

You are able to work the body one side at a time (unilaterally) which means both sides of the body get a good workout, without overly relying on one side which helps improve balance and stability. This also improves core strength, coordination and helps to protect joints and prevent injuries.


3. You can work at your own level

It does not matter if you are a Pilates fanatic or if you are fairly new to Reformer Pilates,

there are so many variations and adaptations of each exercise. Adjustable springs will allow you to train at level that's right for you. making the reformer the perfect way to create a strong foundation and build up not only your moves but your confidence.


4. Improves flexibility and mobility

The deep stretches used in Reformer Pilates will increase your flexibility and furthermore allow you to move more freely and easily.