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Brides Guide to feeling amazing on your big day


Congratulations on your engagement, getting married is such a wonderful and magical time in your life. However it can also be very stressful too. I know this from my own experience of getting married and training lots of brides over the years. There is so much pressure to look a certain way and feel your best, after all it is the happiest day of your life. In this article I am going to be talking about all the dos and do nots in regards to fitness and your big day to make sure you set yourself up to succeed.


Set a Goal

you must be specific about what you want to achieve when my brides come to me I ask them to tell me exactly how they want to look in their dress

some of them want to lose weight so it needs to be an exact a amount of pounds and for some people its about toning up or losing inches creating a smaller waist or reducing the body-fat so they have no hangover in their dress. make sure you know what it is you want.

Do not

have no clear direction

So many brides come to me just a month before the wedding panicking

because they are not in the shape they want to be in, or have not lost the weight they intended to. This is usually due to the fact that no goals where set and no commitment was made.It is so easy to put off training or getting a Personal trainer because their are a million other things to do. Make the commitment now you will be amazed how much better you feel and its one less area to worry about once you get the ball rolling.


create a fitness schedule

keep yourself on track by planning out the weeks activities, weather its walking jogging weight training or boot camps. Put it in your diary and make the commitment. Exercise will also help reduce your stress levels too so you can keep a cool head with last minute seating plan changes and bridesmaid dress alterations.

Do not

create a negtive relaitionship with food in the run up to the wedding

There are lots of lovely moments you get to have in the run up to the wedding, such as

engament partys, hen dos and also the day before the wedding. Its very likely that there will be lots of nice food and drinks on these occaisions. You should still be able to enjoy yourself and lose weight without feeling like you are missing out on anything, this is why consious eating and calorie counting works so well. Plus no one wants to be around a hangry bride to be.


Start trainging as early as possible

The earlier you start trainging the less pressure you are going to feel, and the greater the chances are of you getting the results you truly want. You do not want to leave yourself short on time as you do not want the added pressure of a drastic weight loss. The last couple of weeks before the wedding going the gym is going to be the last place you want to be, You also dont want drastic changes to your wedding dress last minute.

I hope this article really helps you in the build up to your big day.

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