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This is how to get out the winter lul,

Have you started your training yet or are you still in the winter lul? 

I was, Yes that's right even personal trainers can fall into the trap of feeling demotivated.  luckily I know a few little tricks to snap you out of it and kick start your training again.

We have all been there. When every reason we can possibly think of under the sun comes up not to train.

Self sabotage reasons:

📷You have left it too late

📷You won't have time to wash your hair

📷 you feel too self conscious because you didn't prepare any gym clothes so you only have some washed out old gym pants and odd ankle socks 🧦. #thestruggleisreal 

Then comes the decision. That  defining moment all comes down to this simple question, to train or not to train? 

You see mind set is one thing yes but it is the small habits that get you to that point that can help get you to train even if you are not in the right frame of mind and to help reduce the risk of that happening in the first place.

I make sure that all my clients both online and in the gym understand that it's not about your will power or motivation.

That stuff only gets you so far and you can not be motivated every single day, you will have days when you won't want to train but it's the ability to put a system in place that gets you through those days.

if you can do that my lovelies you will be an unstoppable force

wishing you all the best on your wellness journey

Lots of love ♥ 

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