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How exercise will change you

As a Personal Trainer I used to find it very frustrating when clients would say a personal trainer was a luxury, or are too expensive. But they wouldn't bat an eye lid about spending money on their hair nails clothes/swimsuits / makeup and all other cosmetics and even a fortune on a night out. I understand now that for some people all of the above items where just a must for them and unfortunately they just did not see personal training as one of their priorities.

The problem is, even though they would do all of the above to try and help themselves feel good, a lot of the time they where trying to cover up a deeper problem of unhappiness. Maybe you have experienced this? Have you ever done everything you can to look your best but inside you feel like you are not good enough? Do you lack self confidence, often shifting around uncomfortably in your clothes and verbally abusing yourself as a pre-emptive strike as a form of self defence? .

I come across this often as a PT; all the makeup, clothes and cosmetics in the world can't cover up a sense of unhappiness. When you just don't feel worthy. And the thing about feeling unworthy is it spills over into every area in your life.

As someone who has had her life changed dramatically time and time again by fitness, I can honestly say that exercise has been a constant stabiliser in my life; no matter how chaotic life gets. It has frequently saved me from very dark periods in my life.

So I wanted to share some of the benefits with you besides weight loss:

Self love

Exercise teaches us how to love ourselves. By you taking time to take care of yourself you show yourself that you are worth taking time for.


Exercise give us access to an energy source we didn't know we had, so fatigue becomes a thing of the past and you can tackle your work life with enthusiasm and not feel drained by it all. Making your work day productive and dare I say enjoyable.


Exercise releases endorphins. Finally we don't have to fake a smile! Nothing beats a genuinely happy face and do you know what, it's contagious! Suddenly people want to be around you and you have a sparkle.

Increase focus

Exercise helps create clarity of mind. Feel the stress melt away and become more focused to get stuff done and shut out the noise

Quality sleep

Exercise helps you get better quality of sleep at night and let's face it, if we get our beauty sleep there isn't anyone that's not going to benefit (sleeping beauty can be a crank without her 8 hours)


Exercise gives you confidence. Exercise is usually the first step towards people realising that their potential is limitless and the only limits they have are the ones they create in their mind. It also helps people to address certain levels of discomfort and challenges. It also helps people not to be scared to fail and to get back up and try again.

This affects every area of your life including your relationship with your partner.

So you see when you pay for a Personal Trainer you are paying for the long term outcome of all of the above and so much more.

Wishing you all the best on your fitness and wellness journey

Lots of love

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