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Meet Kate



These two photos are 18 weeks apart from each other with a 46 pounds difference.

Since this Kate has gone on to lose even more weight giving her a total loss of

60 pounds!

This has been weeks of hard work and dedication and I couldn't be more proud.

Kate was hesitant to go to a gym and felt more comfortable training from home so we did a mixture of online training and home visits.

This started off as a 6 week transformation however my client was so pleased with the results in 6 weeks she wanted to continue her journey and so it became a 18 week transformation and we are still going.

This transformation was done with one 8kg Kettlebell and body weighted exercises only.

My client is now feeling confident enough to start tackling a weight training programme in the gym which I am so excited about.

Here is what kate had to say about her fitness journey so far

"I was about to sign up with another Personal Trainer , but luckily I came across Louise last minute. Being very overweight this was a daunting thing for me to do. However Louise has a superb natural ability, of making you feel instantly relaxed and comfortable in her company. I have now been training 4 days a week with Louise since July last year. Some of this has been done via online due to lockdown. I was initially dubious of this, thinking I wouldn't achieve the results I wanted. But Seeing my pictures before and after have amazed me, and at times I've been overwhelmed by the huge change to my body. Its been very hard work, and I've had to be 110% dedicated and committed.

However the whole experience has been nothing but positive, and I have just signed up with Louise for another year! Having suffered at times throughout my life with depression and anxiety, I've realised how training is a great tool in preventing this, as it keeps me focused and driven. When I signed up with Louise I wasn't expecting all the support I've received. During this time she has made me realise a lot about myself and my habits. She most definitely puts her heart and soul into everything, and goes above and beyond her role as a Personal Trainer to help you in anyway she can. A massive thanks to Louise for everything so far, and for pushing me in my training sessions when I'm shouting out I can't do anymore! 😂 I can't wait to see the further results I will achieve over this next year."

I will keep you up to date on Kates journey as we start her next chapter of training in the gym.

remember If you want something in your life to change, first you must change something in your life.

Lots of love xxx

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