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The BEST thing you can do right now...

Hope in the face of worry
The best thing you can do right now

At the moment it's really difficult to maintain a normal routine; and every single one of us is being affected in one way shape or form. People are struggling to find some kind of normality amongst all the uncertainty and are feeling out of control, powerless or trapped. And with all of our main forms of an outlet being taken away from us; coffee shops, restaurants, social gatherings, gyms and holidays, it has left us longing for some sort of comfort or some form of escapism.

So the aim of this article is not to dwell on the uncertainty; but to identify key worries, to take action where possible, and accept that certain things are beyond our control.

One thing that is never out of our control is how WE react to situations.

8 Simple Rules for dealing with this crisis situation:

1. "Baby don't worry..."

It would be a formidable task not to worry; but don't worry for too long.

Sometimes as we process information especially if it's a heavy blow to your life - whether you are worrying about your mortgage, your business or your wedding day. Worrying is perfectly normal but don't stay in that place for too long.

Find someone you can trust to vent to. It will make you feel so much better and release a lot of tension that might be building up subconsciously, even if you are the most rational person. We are all entitled to feel.

2. "Be Kind"

Be careful with your words. They are so powerful

Words can be like little rays of sunshine. You can use them to help lift people up and create ease; or they can be like small droplets of poison dragging people back down into panic and worry mode.

As my husband says: "Be a radiator, not a sink."

3. It's not your fault

Don't go into victim mode. This will not help you right now. The question of why did this happen to me is not going to give you the answer to your problems. But in this instance it's not just happening to one person, it is all of us together. So if you can take comfort in one thing, take it in knowing that you are not alone, and many will know exactly what you are going through.

4. Acceptance

Don't be an unrealistic optimistic. I made this mistake and it caught up with me in the end. You cannot afford to be in denial of the fact that this will have a massive impact on our society, and the world itself. Accept the situation for what it is so we can make decisions with relevant and useful information, instead of burying your head in the sand.

5. Take action

Take as much action as you can to help stop you worrying and to help make you feel more in control of your own life. Whether that is phoning your insurance policy to check you are covered, or saving the money you are not spending on social gatherings for productive and important things, to creating new deals or adapting business plans. Whatever it is. The moment you start to take action you will automatically start to feel better. With each task completed, the weight decreases on your shoulders!

6. Don't believe everything you read

Shut out the hysteria that is social media. Right now, social media is predominantly being used for the wrong things: scare mongering and creating unnecessary panic. It's a sad thing, but people care more about shares and likes than the truth. If you feel panicked that there is a picture of an empty shelf and then you share it you are part of creating panic and causing worry for someone else. Instead try and share positive things or why not offer to pick up a few supplies for your neighbour, There is a taxi firm giving free rides to the elderly to the supermarket locally which gives me faith in humanity. A lot of people on social media are still only on step 1 so don't let them drag you back down there.

7. Find your outlet

Find some form of outlet. Whether it's meditation, yoga, Pilates in the house or find a new hobby that you always wanted to do like, writing a novel, learn guitar or start painting.

8. Spread the love

Try and bring some form of comfort escapism or joy to others. The World needs it right now! Whether it's a funny post you share on social media, a moving quote, a feel good song, a voice clip to a friend to remind them you are there for them. It's all of our responsibility to show each other and the world love and compassion. So if there is one thing you should take away from this post it is:

You are not alone! We are all in this together, and it's yours and my responsibility to take small actions to help lift people's spirits, including our own.

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