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You are what you drink!

Take a quick look at the graph below and you might notice the difference in calories from different drinks. See if you can workout how many calories you are consuming from 1 single night out.

All you social butterflies out there could very easily be undoing all your hard work from throughout the week by racking up the calories very easily; or even by not working them out correctly and not adding your mixer in.

This how easy it is to surpass your allocated calorie limit.

As you can see by the chart Lager is one of the most calorific drinks. It would only take 5 pints for you to reach a massive 1040 calories! That is not even including any food earlier on that day, or the takeaway at the end of the night or the fry up in the morning so you are looking around 2000 calories !

Vodka and orange juice is another one where people think, it's not so bad, it's juice so its "healthy." The juice is the main problem with this one, coming in at 111 calories before you even add the spirit!

A double vodka and orange juice would be 219 calories for just one drink!

3 double vodkas and orange would be 657 calories. Add your meal on top and you are going to be well into the 1000 calories.

Gin and soda water is one of the least calorific drinks. For 3 gin and soda waters coming in at a mere 186 calories

even if you had 6 you would still be less than 400 calories in total.

The best advice I could give you is to plan your drinks ahead, know how many calories you will be consuming, and try and burn it off the morning before you go out or throughout the week. But remember burning it off does not mean you will lose weight it is just going to stop you from putting on weight. So then you will have to get in a deficit of 3500 calories across the week to lose 1lb of fat. That's why it's so difficult to lose weight when you are a social butterfly.

I really hope this helps you take control of your weight loss journey. It's all about awareness and making small maintainable adjustments to help you have a healthier happier life.

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