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Starting Your Fitness Journey; How To Get Long Term Results That Last A Life Time.


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Starting your fitness journey can be so exciting. It is a chance to start over and become the person you always wanted to be. It is wonderful to see you wanting to get yourself out your comfort zone and try something new.

As a personal trainer I want to help you get on your way by giving you 8 tips on starting your fitness journey to help shift your mind set into one of success. Over the years I have found these 8 tips can be the difference between someone being able to do this long term or giving up. So let's get started!


1. Nutrition is key

I know this can be overwhelming so let's break it down. First you need to know:

> How many calories you need to have to lose weight

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> How many macronutrients

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>Look at your micronutrients ( this can be done further down the line )

> Making sure you are getting enough water

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This does not mean we have to do everything at once. For weight loss, focus on your calories first, so you begin to understand how many calories you should be consuming and so you start to get familiar with calorie content in foods you have frequently. Once you are familiar with your calories the next thing you need to focus on is macronutrients which are; protein fats and carbohydrates. This is particularly important for optimal building muscle and reducing recovery time between training, as well as total body functionality. Approach this as a project so that you are educating yourself on nutrition overall, bit by bit .


2. Setting your environment up for success not failure

By setting your environment up for success, you take away the process of having to make difficult decisions.